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2015 Bonus Puzzle #3: Some Assembly Required

What is this?

This bonus puzzle is a special kind of crossword called "Some Assembly Required."

This variety format was invented by Patrick Berry, and this iteration is brought to you by Francis Heaney.

Here's how it works: A 14×14 grid has been chopped up into jigsaw pieces, and you must reassemble it. The answer to each Pieces clue should be entered in the correspondingly numbered jigsaw piece, one letter per square, starting in the numbered square. Each row of the grid contains two consecutive answers; their clues are given in order, but the dividing point between them is for you to determine. Use the answers to the Rows clues and the pieces’ shapes to determine the location of each piece in the grid. (Pieces do not need to be rotated, and will not overlap.) Correctly placed, the 25 pieces will completely fill the tray.

How do I get it?

The puzzle is free to annual subscribers.

Non-subscribers can get the puzzle for $1.

Delivery is by email in PDF format. (Solution PDF included)

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