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2014-08-06 Contest Puzzle: Magazine Inserts

What is this?

A 21x21 contest puzzle by Francis Heaney.

Entry deadline is the end of Sunday, August 10, 2014.

One randomly selected correct entry will receive a six-month AVCX subscription.

How do I enter?

Send your answer to the following two bonus clues to

Reading left to right in some highlighted squares:
      In "Lady and the Tramp," what Lady requires to be a tramp? (3 words, 12 letters)

Reading top to bottom in the remaining highlighted squares:
      When you can expect your soy sauce pastry to show up? (3 words, 15 letters)

How do I get it?

The puzzle is free to annual subscribers.

Non-subscribers can get the puzzle for $5, which price also comes with a FREE one-month AVCX subscription.

That's a total of five amazing, contemporary crosswords - including one Sunday-sized plus FREE contest entry - for just $5.

Delivery is by email in PUZ and PDF formats. (solution will be sent after contest ends)

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